December 6th, 2008: Donation activity in the mountains of Talamanca - Indigenous Village

On Saturday December 6th 2008 we had a Christmas event in a small community in the mountains of Talamanca. Thanks to the donations from friends, family and colaborators we could bring a lot of gifts to up to 80 people in a small and quite isolated rural community in the La Estrella Valley, Talamanca.

It was a little difficult to get there as the road is not in a good condition. At the end of the road the people was ready waiting for us with horses and helping hands in order to take all the stuff to the local school. After a 30 minutes walk we finally arrived to the local school where some people walked even more than 2 hours to be present that day.

We brought presents to all the kids (up to 41), food to every single family (14 families) and more. They had a very nice reception for us where all the community was present. We had a traditional lunch in plantain leves instead of dishes and an amazing atmosphere.

Here is a presentation with some pictures of the activity