Visit to Alto Katsi, Talamanca - Jan 21st 2009

On January 21st Michel and his family (a group of travelers from Coffee and Cacao Lands) went to Alto Katsi with donations for this small and poor community. They were the first non-indigenous group visiting this village and the people were really excited for their visit. They brought donations to all the kids in the village and they had a small activity with them.

The trip was really interesting as they should take a boat then an old truck, they crossed a few rivers using hanging bridges and finally they should walk a few kilometers before they could arrive to Alto Katsi's school.

As they could confirm the school's condition was almost inhuman and now different colaborators are trying to make this public in order to get help. A friend from the community already got an important donation to build a new structure and in a few weeks she will go to Alto Katsi with an architect in order to draw a plane for a new school.

We are very grateful with Michel and his family for their willingness to help this community and go further with their holiday. We also thank them for their great pictures. The "Comite de la Cruz Roja Costaricense de San Ramon de Alajuela" also helped to make this happen as they brought a big portion of the donations.

They stayed at the lodge for 5 days and took some tours in the area.

Mike and family will come back again in around 4 weeks with more help.