Coffee & Cacao Lands: Travel and help/ Responsible Tourism

Coffee and Cacao Lands offers unique experiences away from the traditional tourist traps. We support local initiatives to encourage communities to protect the environment and save their culture and traditions. Sharing their culture and environment means a significant income to their small economies and also a new hope.

Two regions: Talamanca and Dota


Stay in an original indigenous lodge built using the traditional natural materials and methods. Take amazing tours inside the rainforest, trough rivers and waterfalls. Learn about the Bri-Bri ancient traditions and language.


Be part of the coffee culture, stay in a lodge in the cloud forest or be part of a local family. Take a tour starting high on the mountains and finish right on the beach.

We offer packages with lodging, all meals and daily activities and tours.
*Cost starting at $25.00 a day including three meals and lodging.

*Vegetarians are welcome, both regions are great for birdwatching.



USA/Canada: 646.807.3549

Costa Rica: +506 8849.8316

Skype: coffee.and.cacao.lands


Dr24Hours said...

Parece fantastico!

Pardon, you no hablo espanol muy bien, pero me gusta mucho su blog y sus idea sobre viajar.

en Ingles: Your blog and your idea about travel and what you offer are fascinating and exciting! What a find!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your message Any!! As we say in Costa Rica: Pura vida!